Specialist Conflict Management Training

Maybo is uniquely placed to train those in specialist roles such as managers, supervisors, incident response teams or those whose role presents a complex or very unique set of challenges. The Maybo team has a genuine understanding of violence reduction strategies that work. We can provide completely bespoke training or tailor our core training to focus on the specific needs of the staff group.

Some examples of the specialist training we design and deliver regularly to our clients are below:

Manager Training

Training in a combination of these areas to suit your requirements:

  • Violence reduction requirements and strategies
  • Assessing and reducing violence risks
  • Developing policy and guidance
  • Post Incident ‘Managing the aftermath’

Maybo team members developed and deliver the IOSH ‘Managing the Tough Stuff – Negotiation Skills and Managing Conflict’ programme which is delivered at IOSH or in house by Maybo.

Contact us to explore the skills, knowledge and resources we can provide to your managers through a bespoke training programme designed and delivered by our most experienced subject experts.

Conflict Incident Response Team Training

Conflict Incident Response training (CIR) is Maybo's new training programme, developed with the input and support of Integer and key stakeholders across the events world. The programme, launched February 2012 at the national stadiums in Twickenham and Wembley, responds to the specific needs of Incident Response Teams operating at a range of events. Some of the UK’s leading event companies are set up to deliver the new CIR programme with their own trainers including Showsec, G4S, SecuriGroup and Show and Event.

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