Recertification Timescales

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and sector bodies emphasise the importance of refresher training. Guidance in the UK for recertification periods varies but is typically within the following ranges:

Conflict Management
Recommended within 2 years. HSE requires every 3 years

Disengagement Skills
Recommended within 12 months. Welsh Government states 24 months

Restrictive Physical Intervention Skills
Strongly recommended within 12 months. Department for Health and BILD/RRN requirement is 12 months. It is also the standard for Home Office Services.


Health, Education and Social Care

People working with or supporting children or adults with mental health conditions, dementia, learning disabilities or autism are subject to the 2019 Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards:

Refresher training must take place as a minimum annually and must include competence testing for minimum content requirements (see standard 1.3.2).

The full programme must be attended every fourth year.

Year 1: Full Programme

Year 2: Refresher (minimum 1 day)

Year 3: Refresher (minimum 1 day)

Year 4: Full Programme


Refresher or update cycles may in some circumstances be increased in frequency if individual or service circumstances change.


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