Refreshing Learning and Recertification

Regular refresher training prevents the fading of knowledge and skills that can happen over time and place staff and service users at risk. Having invested in initial training for staff, it is vital to maintain and build their competence and confidence levels and certify this on regular update training.

To protect your organisation, your staff and service users and to meet your duty of care and HSE requirements Maybo recommends recertification of conflict management training every two years and physical interventions training annually, unless guidance for your sector requires more frequent intervals. 

If you use operate with Department of Health funded services and/our BILD Accredited curriculum, please note that these staff must be recertified every 12 months.

Our refresher training and recertification is more than a repeat of initial training. The programme builds upon initial training and uses real scenarios and case studies that staff problem solve on a very practical course. You can enhance the learning by choosing up to two of our new ‘Hot Topic Modules’ to be incorporated into your training at no extra cost – 90 minute specialist sessions on subjects from 'Mental health crisis awareness' and 'Substance misuse considerations in conflict and aggression' to 'Handling challenging calls' and 'Counter terrorism awareness'.

You have a choice of delivery methods too – our eLearning programmes can be used to refresh conflict management and lone worker awareness level training or be combined with face to face training to reduce the overall time away from the workplace for recertification training whilst allowing the programme content to be more tightly focused on practical scenarios.  

At a Glance Guide to Maybo Recertification

Our refresher training supports you to:

Demonstrate compliance i.e. that staff have attended regular training in conflict management and/or physical skills training

Focus on your current risks and staff needs

Build the knowledge, skills and confidence of your workforce using our scenario based approach

Reduce staff time away from their work, through the use of blended learning

Provide additional and specific learning that will support day to day interactions with your service users through our tailored hot topic sessions


For more details on our recertification courses, Hot Topic choices and to organise your recertification training, please contact us .