Lone Worker and Personal Safety Training

Lone workers are exposed to the inherant risks of working alone, as well as the risks of conflict arising from violent or aggressive situations. 

Maybo's training solutions offer flexible, cost effective options to support the delivery of personal safety training to lone workers.

1. Our conflict management training programmes address the needs of your lone working staff by using realistic scenarios that reflect 'real life' situations in our tailored face to face training.

2, Our specialist interactive lone worker eLearning module raises awareness and encourages learners to assess the risks in their ownworkplace. Completion of the module reslts in an action plan to help staff reduce and manage personal safety risks.

The eLearning module can be used alongside our core conflict management eLearning programmes or in addition to face to face training, to provide additional support for staff in roles that require them to work alone. It is engaging and fully auditable, making it valuable in the training mix to give lone workers access to awareness, induction and refresher training, when they need it and without putting additional pressure on resource levels and budgets 

Maybo's Lone worker personal safety training covers:

* Assessing and reducing risk

Preparation for meetings and visits

Travel safety

* Managing contact: planning arrival, interaction with individuals, exit strategies

Click here for more details on the content of our conflict management training and learn more about our core conflict management eLearning programmes here.