Personal Safety Training | Managing Conflict and Challenging Behaviour

Maybo training will help your colleagues identify and reduce conflict and risk and influence a safe and positive outcome in a difficult situation.

Maybo continues to be the benchmark for conflict management and personal safety training and over 3,000 frontline staff complete a Maybo training programme every month. Our programmes are written by conflict management experts in a team that has led the development of national qualifications and competency standards for frontline personnel, managers and trainers.

Conflict management learning outcomes

Learners will be better able to:

  • Recognise potential conflict flashpoints and risks in their work
  • Identify simple steps to prevent and reduce conflict and risk for all parties
  • Develop positive relationships and interactions
  • Defuse and resolve emotive situations
  • Respond professionally and enhance the quality and reputation of your service

We can include specific scenarios and case studies in our training designed entirely around the issues your staff face in their role. These could include:

  • Lone working and remote working
  • Dealing with difficult telephone calls
  • Delivering unwelcome news
  • Visiting people’s homes
  • Caring for people with dementia
  • Supporting people with learning disabilities
  • Working with children and young adults
  • Mental health or substance misuse issues

Flexible, affordable delivery options

We design our training programmes around the conflict management needs of your organisation, your staff and your service users', so please contact us so we can explore the best training options with you.

Maybo's accredited conflict management training can be delivered by our trainers or yours, or through our comprehensive choice of workplace coaching models, self-study and e-learning options.


Click here for an overview of all our conflict management training. 


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