Conflict Management Training for Transport Staff

Many studies have confirmed that workplace violence is a real and present challenge for transport staff. The enforcement nature of the roles, remote working and sheer diversity and unpredictability of human behaviour presents significant challenges. 

Maybo conflict management training equips staff with the knowledge and skills to create a positive and safer outcome to difficult and challenging interactions, whilst providing excellent customer service to all passengers, including potentially vulnerable and sometimes challenging individuals. 

Conflict can often avoided by delivering a good standard of service and through positive communication. Our training builds awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence to enable staff to more safely and positively handle dissatisfied, angry or vulnerable customers and intimidating or disruptive individuals and groups.

Our physical intervention training is designed for staff in roles that carry a significant risk of intentional or unintentional assault, or have duties which may require them to physically guide, escort or restrain a person.

Maybo Personal Safety Training for Transport Staff

Maybo carefully designs each training programme around the specific risks staff face, the roles they perform, the profile of the passengers they typically encounter and their working environments. The issues faced by customer facing staff at ticket points will be different to those encountered by on-board teams and revenue protection officers, therefore our thorough training needs analysis informs programme design.

Core Maybo training for transport staff may include:

  • Understanding human behaviour
  • How to recognise and reduce risk
  • Positive responses to conflict and challenging behaviour
  • Conflict prevention, resolution and de-escalation
  • Dynamic risk assessment
  • Use of force legalities and organisational policy and guidance
  • Positioning and exit strategies
  • Duty of care considerations
  • Vulnerable and challenging groups (e.g. mental health crisis, people misusing substances, children and young people)
  • Medical implications of use of force (staff, general passengers and vulnerable persons)
  • Sources of support - during and post incident
  • Post incident accountability and reporting

Scenario Based Learning

Given the unique risks and responsibilities of each role, we use scenario based learning to focus on the flashpoints, environments and circumstances in which most incidents and most severe incidents occur for each particular staff group, such as:

  • Working environments (trains, buses, ferries, planes, platforms, bus stops, station buildings)
  • When in the presence of a BTP Officer or Community Support Officer
  • Checking tickets or issuing a penalty fare notice
  • Lone working
  • Avoiding and disengaging from assault
  • Assisting colleagues in other roles and options to support another person being assaulted
  • Communicating or working during delays and disruption
  • Working with groups of passengers
  • Working known high-risk routes, stations or times of the day
  • Challenging an individual’s behaviour and communicating with people under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Escorting people off the train, bus or platform

Flexible, Cost Effective Training Delivery

Our range of delivery methods enables us to provide a blended learning approach which gives the flexibility transport services need to deliver and support learning within operational and budget constraints. Your bespoke Maybo training programmes can be delivered:

  • Directly to your staff on your site by our experienced trainers
  • By your inhouse training team through our train-the-trainer programme
  • Through engaging eLearning, accessed by staff on computers or mobile devices
  • Through workplace coaching, facilitated by your managers

Contact our specialist team today to learn more about how Maybo training can help you create a safer workplace for your staff and customers.