New SIA qualifications go ‘live’ on 1st January 2015

The key SIA changes to the Physical Intervention (PI) competency requirements are:

  • Programme extended to 15 guided learning hours incorporating 12 hours
    contact time
  • Inclusion of methods for guiding persons up and down stairs as part of
    the core programme
  • Further emphasis on positional asphyxia and restraint risk reduction.


The transition is easy for Maybo trainers as our programme already includes comprehensive knowledge on restraint related risks and a
method for escorting on stairs that meets the new SIA requirement, which is why no re-training has been required.

The SIA has developed an additional handout on positional asphyxia which it requires Centres to provide candidates; to save our clients
printing we have included it as an appendix in the new Maybo PI Workbook. The workbook has been extended to provide candidates with a
self study resource to support the qualification.

Maybo trainers have comprehensive presentation resources to support the new 12 hour contact time and will now have extra time to develop
proficiency and confidence in the practical techniques. In addition we have developed a 12 hour Programme Guide for trainers to follow on
Maybo Online, plus additional exercises including sequencing/transitioning, de-escalation drills and risk reduction.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.