Recertification - Your Questions Answered 

We are constantly reviewing our programmes, skills and techniques to ensure they meet the latest thinking and best practice. This means that at recertification trainers learn revisions to existing skills plus any new skills that we have introduced. 

Bill Fox is attending the events this year to bring consistency and learn more about the grass roots issues Maybo Trainers face and your Support Co-ordinator, Sue Ratcliffe will also be there to meet you face to face and give you an opportunity to discuss any ideas or issues you may have.

Following your feedback we are changing our recertification events to give you an improved learner experience. We will be running fewer, bigger events and the dates and locations will remain consistent each year so that, once you have made the change to attend your closest event, you will recertify in the same month each year. This will allow forward planning and reduce the impact on the daily running of your business.  

These changes may raise some questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have specific enquiries, but we hope to have answered the most frequently asked questions below.

Q. You don't have an event in the month my certificate runs out. To stay up to date I will need to attend an event two months before it runs out. Does this mean I will lose two months I paid for last year? 

A. As we cross over to the new recertification calendar there will be Trainers for whom their due date falls between the dates of the events. To allow for this without any penalty to Trainers, we will be charging a pro rata rate for recertification based on the number of months in advance you recertify.

For example: Trainer recert date October 2014. Maybo event date September 2014. 

                      Trainer to attend recertification in September. 

                     Fee: £320 divided by 12 = £26.67

                     Tutor attending one month before expiry of certificate eligible for discount of £26.67. Total fee £293.33

Easy calculation. For each month you attend before expiry date, deduct £26.67 off full fee of £320.

Q. If I get a discount for attending early, will this afftect the early bird discount?

A. No, you will still be entitled to the full early bird discount if you book and pay 3 months in advance of the event you attend, regardless of the recertification date.

Q. The event closest to where I live is six months before my certificate runs out. What should I do?

A. We suggest you book now for the closest event and receive the discount of £26.67 for each month before your due date. You can also book in advance for 2015 (future dates and locations are consistent to help Trainers with planning). If you pay for the events 3 months in advance you will also receive the £70 early bird discount on both workshops.

Q. What happens if my certificate has expired and there is not an event close to me? 

A. It is the responsibility of Trainers to organise, book and pay for their own recertification. Maybo provides the widest range of recertification events across the UK for PI programmes. We publish dates as soon as possible, once venues have been confirmed and make it clear that annual recertification is a requirement for Trainers to continue to deliver the Maybo programme. If your certificate is out of date you cannot deliver the Maybo programme until you have attended and passed a recertification. 

Q. What's the new assessment format?

A. The new format is a structured assessment of skills proficiency and training delivery.

Q. I get nervous in assessment situations. Is there anything you can do to help me?

A. If you find assessments difficult or have concerns about this element of the recertification please email: to discuss your options. 

Q. Why are you making these changes?

A. Feedback from Trainers indicates that a bigger annual recertification event would be preferred. We have taken these comments on board and are making the changes to give you more CPD opportunities and update the assessment format. Once we have moved through the transition period the aim is for a Trainer to attend an event in the same month, at the same location each year. Dates are published two years in advance to enable you to plan ahead.