New Recertification a Success Say Delegates

The new format Trainer recertification, run for the first time in May, was heralded a success by delegates.

The bigger event, attended by Maybo Chairman, Bill Fox was voted an improvement on previous events by ninety per cent of the delegates.

Maybo is keen not to lose the professionalism and friendly feel of previous events and has worked hard to integrate time for skills practice, problem solving and questions into the programme. 

One hundred per cent of delegates gave the Trainers running the event a rating of 'excellent' for professionalism and for knowledge of subject in the post course feedback, with scores of ninety per cent for believing the event had improved individuals professional development and given them a better understanding of the Maybo programme.

"Each of the three recerts I have attended have built on the previous course."

"Good workshop. Got a lot out of it and the new course materials were good." 

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