Maybo's Level 3 BTEC Advanced Award: Conflict Incident Response (Team Member)

Conflict Incident Response Training (CIRT) is our training programme, developed with the input and support of Integer and other key stakeholders across the events sector. The programme, launched February 2012 at the national stadiums in Twickenham and Wembley, responds to the specific needs of Incident Response Teams operating at a range of events including:

  • sports venues
  • music festivals
  • night venues
  • protest situations

Some of the UK’s leading event companies including Showsec, SecuriGroup, G4S and Show and Event are set up to deliver the new CIRT programme with their own trainers

Bridging the gap

CIRT fills a skills gap in this specialist stewarding and security role, evidenced during extensive consultation involving leading venues and event and crowd management companies. Incident response teams are taking on greater responsibility as police numbers reduce at events and have to operate in some very challenging environments. Their actions are in full view and often on camera so a poor decision or heavy handed approach can trigger significant escalation placing staff and customers at risk.

Event response teams often draw upon door supervisors that may have limited experience in dealing with the crowd scenarios they can face at a match or a concert. A lack of awareness of the implications of their actions can lead to violence and escalate a public order situation. As the police presence at events decreases, response teams need to up skill to take on further responsibilities which will increasingly be filmed and in the public eye. 

The focus of this training is on how we can proactively reduce conflict and identify alternatives to force, whilst providing sound individual and team skills and interventions for dealing safely and professionally with higher risk situations when necessary.

Programme content

The programme focuses on professional teamwork, positive communication and tactics covering:

  • Awareness of potential triggers in crowd situations and basic crowd dynamic
  • Identifying factors that influence risk at different types of events including music, sport and protest and their locations - from a large night venue to a stadium or festival
  • Positive communication strategies for avoiding and defusing conflict
  • Team tactics for dealing with incursions, moving, escorting and ejecting through crowds and transport by vehicle e.g. if required on a green field site
  • Dynamic risk assessment and choosing the least forceful strategy to achieve a legitimate objective
  • Problem solving environmental hazards such as balconies, seating areas, stairs, confined spaces and considerations if dealing with protestor scenarios
  • Incident and post incident considerations including risk reduction, duty of care, protection of evidence and reporting

Certification options

This programme can be delivered over one practically based training day with Maybo certification or Maybo certification accredited by City & Guilds. Those wishing to complete the Level 3 Qualification will complete comprehensive pre-study and assignments and take a short exam at the end of the training course.

As a pre-requisite, learners will need to have completed recognised training in Conflict Management and be trained in PI skills to at least the equivalent level required by the SIA for new Door Supervisors. Alternatively these elements can be covered as part of a combined programme.


For more information on this innovative programme please contact us.