Conflict Management & Physical Intervention Training for Security, Events and Facilities Management Staff

Standards within the security profession are being driven upwards by a combination of regulation, qualifications and discerning employers and commissioners who recognise the value of well trained staff. Maybo plays a leading and influential role advising government regulators and awarding organisations on the development of security training competencies, qualifications and best practice.

Whether you work for a major security or event organisation or need training for an in-house team covering events, retail or licensed retail our programmes are the preferred choice. Our trainer development option is popular for smaller training organisations or sole traders who want to deliver quality physical interventions programmes to the private security sector.

All Maybo Level 3 programmes are accepted by the SIA and awarding organisations.

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More than a training course

Private and in-house security teams operate across diverse roles and settings, each with unique needs, challenges and risks. Understanding and adapting to these differing situations is vital if training is to be relevant and stimulate change in behaviours. We help employers to assess the risks associated with the role and tasks performed and to identify the level of training required.

Our physical intervention and event conflict incident response programmes deliver core regulatory requirements and additional modules for dealing with higher levels of violence risks.

We provide tools to coach and refresh knowledge and skills in the workplace and as specialists in violence reduction we offer reassurance through access to advice on policy, procedures and incident management.

Operational staff gain the best recognised training, certification and CPD pathways, helping them secure employment and in some of the most interesting roles.

Maybo Certified Trainers have access to high quality resources and put themselves in a position to receive extensive development and employment opportunities through delivering Maybo’s  popular programme for the private security sector.

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Raising standards in conflict management and physical intervention

Maybo plays a leading role in raising training standards in the industry. We assisted BIIAB to develop risk reduction guidance and the first conflict management qualifications for the licensed retail sector and in 2006 we teamed up with BIIAB and Skills for Security to provide the industry with an accredited, nationally recognised, effective physical intervention programme, available to both employers and training providers. 

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