Conflict Management Training for Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Sectors

Maybo is a leader in conflict management training and workplace violence reduction for the retail sectors. We provide guidance and we design and deliver training in the safe and professional handling conflict and disruptive behaviors.


Restaurants and Cafes  

Disruptive behavior and aggression towards customer-facing colleagues is on the increase. Maybo helps clients including Starbucks and McDonalds develop guidance and training that builds confidence in preventing and managing challenging behaviors such as customer conflict, overstaying and begging, alcohol-fueled behavior and disruptive groups.


Retail Stores  

Maybo helps retailers with policy, guidance and training at different levels for sales assistants, managers and loss prevention teams. This includes de-escalation of customer conflict, 'saying no' (restricted sales, returns etc.) and interactions with suspected thieves.

Dedicated LP and Security Teams can be trained in additional skills including appropriate physical interventions. Worldwide we support many clients including TJX (TK Maxx), Debenhams, Coles, Westfield, Mothercare and Peacocks.



Maybo supports a wide range of leisure operators from venue and stadia to sports and music events and festivals. Maybo was the preferred provider for the London 2012 Olympics where circa 20,000 event staff underwent our training.


Blended conflict management solutions to maximize budget  

Our blended learning options enable you to get the most from your budget; eLearning, workbooks and work-based coaching tools can be used for induction, pre-course study and refreshing learning, with face to face workshops to develop higher-level skills specific to the level of risk staff face at work.

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