October 22, 2014

'Zero Tolerance to Staff Abuse', Announces Health and Social Care Trust

The Newry Times (NI) reports that the Southern Health and Social Care Trust is taking a zero tolerance approach to abuse against staff.

It says that with 1,911 cases of physical, verbal abuse and disruption to staff reported last year, the Trust is appealing to the public to show their support to health and social care workers.

The Times spoke to Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development for the Southern Trust, Kieran Donaghy, who said, “We have around 13,000 staff working 24 hours a day within our hospitals and across community services.

“It is totally unacceptable that anyone providing such vital health and social care services should be subjected to abuse or fear.

“As an employer we take staff safety very seriously and have adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy against abuse to staff and others. Staff are trained in how to manage violent situations and hospitals have security porters available to deal with aggressive patients.'

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