August 13, 2014

Verbal Abuse and Assaults Reduce Across Sussex Hospital Trusts

The Argus, a leading Sussex newspaper reports on the numbers of verbal abuse and physical assault incidents recorded in three hospital trusts across East Sussex.

Following the introduction, siting incident numbers and reports of daily attacks faced by staff, the article reveals that there has been a drop in the number of reported incidents compared to the previous year across all three Trusts with Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust (BSUH) cutting the number by 50% over the past two years. 

Maybo has been working closely with BSUH to implement a trust wide training programme to help security and clinical staff teams work together to reduce clinically related challenging behaviours and assaults and to reduce the use of restraint and ensure patient safety and dignity is maintained when intervention is necessary.

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Clinical Assault Reduciton Training from Maybo

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