February 16, 2018

Safeguarding Young Minds Conference

Maybo is pleased to support this exciting event that will bring together some of the leading minds, speakers and practitioners in education, mental health and well-being.

Headsight Services in partnership with UK pastoral Chat and Bablake School are hosting this conference to raise awareness and make a positive contribution to addressing the challenges of safeguarding children and young people’s mental health.

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Supporting: Cameron Grant Trust


Keynotes Speakers:

Sir John Jones – Promoting Well-being, the key to success

Dr Bryn Williams – Understanding Student Mental Health

John Rees – Working Together to Promote Resilience and well-being



  • Neuro-development and mental health
  • Safeguarding those who self-harm
  • Promoting mindful strategies in schools
  • Understanding stress, anxiety and depression
  • Whole school approaches to well-being
  • Innovations in safeguarding children online


Why Safeguarding Young Minds

We, as parents and professionals, are increasingly aware of the need to protect children and young people from neglect and abuse by those who may wish them harm and yet, we often struggle to be as vigilant and proactive when seeking to safeguard them from their own emotional and mental distress. 

75% of mental health problems start before a child’s 18th birthday. 

Alarmingly, 70% of children who experience a mental health problem do not get the interventions they need at a sufficiently early age.


Headsight Services

Tony France, Headsight Director and Maybo Lead trainer has been working closely with Maybo for many years and has also supported the development of our new programmes for Children and Young People.

Many of you will have have met Tony at the annual Maybo Care Conference where he has become a popular and regular speaker.

Headsight is a trusted Maybo partner working closely to support the development of our programmes for those supporting Children and Young People, including:

  • Understanding Children and Adolescent Risk Behaviours

  • Positive approaches to behaviour

  • Positive and SAFER Handling