January 23, 2013

Safeguarding Children: Report Calls for Special Measures

BBC News follows up on a story that first came to light in June 2009 with a complaint about children being locked in a padded room with no light or ventilation at the Pupik Referral Unit in Neyland.

Pembrokeshire Council, accused of failures in safeguarding children should now be placed in special measures, according to the schools inspectorate Estyn.

Advisors were sent to Pembrokeshire after claims that children were locked in a padded "time-out" room.

In a separate report, the auditor general has called for the Welsh government to intervene over concerns about the "speed and rigour" of change.

Pembrokeshire Council says it is committed to resolving serious issues.

The Welsh government said ministers would respond to the reports and said it hoped the Council leadership was taking the findings seriously.