June 15, 2015

Right Here Right Now - CQC Review of Peoples' Experiences During Mental Health Crisis 

A person’s experience of the quality of care and service they receive depends not only on where they live, but what part of the system they come into contact with. This was among the findings of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in their recent review Right Here, Right Now, which looked into the quality, safety and effectiveness of care provided to those experienceing a mental health crisis.

The CQC undertook the review as part of its commitment to the Crisis Care Concordat, set up by the Coalition Government In February 2014. 
The Concordant set out a challenge to those responsible for commissioning, providing and delivering the services to commit to a set of core principles around crisis care, to make sure that people get the help they need when they are having a mental health crisis 

In collecting information from those experiencing services first hand, the CQC found many examples of good crisis care, but highlighted there is still work to be done to improve the poor experiences many people in crisis have due to service responses that fail to meet their needs and lack basic respect, warmth and compassion.

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