December 1, 2014

Physical Assaults On Brighton and East Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust Staff Reduce

Reporting on the results of the NHS Protect survey on the number of physical assaults on NHS staff, the Mid Sussex Times reveals that there has been a 35 per cent drop in the number of assaults on staff at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

The 'Times spoke to the Trust who said, “The majority of physical assaults are related to medical factors such as a patient with a head injury which can affect their behaviour towards staff and carers.

“We have a number of measures to help deal with any incidents of assault on staff and a dedicated security team available on both hospital sites 24/7 who provide support to our clinical staff in managing difficult situations.”

All staff are given conflict management training on induction to the hospital trust and some staff receive training in physical intervention.

Maybo training at BSUH

Maybo clinical assault reduction training