August 20, 2015

Paramedics Frequently Face Alcohol Related Abuse

The levels of abuse directed at ambulance staff are 'not surprising' for West Midlands Service bosses, according to the Staffordshire Newsletter.

Latest figures have shown that 90% of staff are frequently assaulted by people under the influence of alcohol, 42% have reported being assaulted sexually and 60% felt they were at risk of physical attack when working at night time. 

Over two thirds of the staff interviewed felt that alcohol misuse placed an additional, unnecessary burden on resources, reporting that over half of weekend evening call outs were to alcohol related incidences and overall alcohol misuse accounted for more than 75% of call outs.

Maybo offers specialist assault avoidance training for ambulance staff and our Australian team is currently working with a number of health services, supporting staff with effective responses for people affected by alcohol or drug misuse

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