August 2, 2016

Maybo Achieves BILD Re-accreditation

Maybo is pleased to announce the re-accreditation of our SAFERchildren and SAFERcare training programmes under the BILD Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme (PIAS), marking over 10 years of continued accreditation for the Maybo curriculum by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities. 

The well-respected BILD scheme is an evidence based process of external validation of the quality of training programmes covering reactive strategies including de-escalation and physical interventions delivered to the health, social care and education sectors.

The fundamental process of accreditation is the provision of evidence that Maybo’s curriculum and trainers can prove adherence to all of the criteria in the 'BILD Code of Practice (2014) for minimising the use of restrictive physical interventions: planning developing and delivering training'.

The specialist BILD panel has accredited Maybo, Maybo's training programmes and Maybo's individual trainers and provided the following feedback: 

"1. The panel was pleased to note the continuing development of Maybo training.

"2. The panel was impressed with the range of support materials that the organisation has developed.

"3. The panel was impressed by the arrangements that have been set up to access information specific to the different countries that the organisation operates in."


Click here for more information on Maybo's BILD Accreditation and Accredited Training Programmes.