December 17, 2015

Local Community Joins Forces to Support Zero Tolerance of Abuse of Taxi Drivers

Levels of violence and abuse of taxi drivers typically increase around this time of year. South Lakeland and Barrow Community Safety Partnership (CSP) has joined forces with South Lakeland District Council (SLDC), Barrow Borough Council and the police to promote a zero tolerance of aggression and violence towards taxi drivers.

Increased use of taxis and alcohol consumption over the Christmas and New Year period clearly plays a part in the upward trend of incidents. The zero tolerance campaign will see specially designed posters and beer mats placed in pubs and stickers put up in taxis to warn customers that all incidents of abuse will be reported to police. 

Abuse can go unreported at busy times because drivers are reluctant to spend time at the police station following an incident and missing out on trade. Pilot 'drop in' sessions have been set up on quieter Sundays for drivers to call in and report incidents from Friday and Saturday nights. 

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