April 10, 2017

2017 NAPICU Conference: International Perspectives in Acute, Emergency and Forensic Healthcare

7-8 September 2017, Dublin

The National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care and Low Secure Units (NAPICU) have announced an impressive programme for their 22nd annual conference which will run over two days in September 2017 in Trinity College, Dublin.

The theme of this year's event is "International Perspectives in Acute, Emergency and Forensic Healthcare".

The programme includes sessions by professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities to help us all to consider acute, and emergency and forensic mental health care from a range of perspectives.

This year’s programme will focus on international sharing of good practice to enhance the quality of care delivered in PICUs and LSUs. The programme will include an international presentation session with audience input, the patient perspective, personality disorders, design principles, occupational therapies and the judging session for the Team of the Year Award. 

NAPICU always run a superb conference that is a must for Maybo Mental Health Trainers and Practitioners.

International Perspectives in Acute, Emergency and Forensic Healthcare

Here are just some of the topics the wide range of sessions will explore:

  • Sport and Mental Health: Learning for Acute and Forensic Services
  • Design Guidance for 21st Century Psychiatric Intensive Care Units
  • Progress and Research in Psychiatric Intensive Care
  • Personality Disoder in PICU and Secure Settings
  • Attitudes Towards the use of Restrictive Interventions
  • NAPICU Seclusion Position Statement
  • Therapy in Acute Psychiatric Recovery - In Modern Care is this an Enabler or the Primary Focus of Care?
  • Approaches to Reducing Restraint and Restrictive Practices in Mental Health Settings
  • Substance Misuse and Psychiatric Intensive Care
  • The Patient Perspective of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units
  • Psychiatric Intensive Care for Young People: Just what are we trying to achieve?

To view the full programme, click here.

To register for the NAPICU Conference call +44 (0)1355 244585 or email info@napicu.org.uk