March 14, 2012

Workplace violence figures for Scottish council reported by local press

The Paisley Daily Express reports that in a 12-month period over 500 workers reported being verbally or physically abused in their role within a Scottish Council. The primary roles affected include Council wardens, animal wardens, social workers, teachers and leisure centre staff. 

The Council has condemned the terrifying treatment some staff face. A council spokesman said: “We do all we can to minimise attacks and to protect and support our staff. This means we encourage the reporting of all types of incidents.

“We’ve worked hard to reduce the number of violent incidents against staff.

“In terms of incidents of pupils being aggressive towards teachers in particular, we try to tackle these in two ways. Where the incident merits an exclusion we use that option as a last resort.

“Equally, we put a lot of work into supporting youngsters to change their behaviour and helping parents in that process where necessary.”