November 12, 2012

Future Regulation of the Private Security Industry

Lord Taylor of Holbeach, the man responsible for the Security Industry Authority (SIA), has announced that legislation for new regulatory regime is to be in place by October 2013.

Info4security reports on Lord Taylor's speach at the Security Industry Authority’s annual Stakeholder Conference, when he said that, the Government is working to achieve the 'phased transition to a new regulatory regime' “by the end of next year, and in line with what the Government understands to be the industry’s aspirations.”

The report goes on to cover Lord Taylor's explanation of how the new regulatory regime is expected to work, saying: “Our intention is to put in place a regulatory regime that's focused on businesses rather than individuals. Under a business regulation regime the SIA would be responsible for regulating businesses, with those businesses needing to meet a minimum standard before being able to operate in the industry.”