June 9, 2014

Dynamic Risk Assessment : On The Book Shelf 

Maybo Chairman, Bill Fox has contributed to book that provides a holistic risk management framework to help understand how employers, managers and staff can effectively integrate dynamic risk assessment into business management processes and systems. 

 Dynamic Risk Assessment: The practical guide to making risk based decisions with the 3-level risk management model, includes tips, examples and solutions throughout the multi-disciplinary text, which delivers an effective and comprehensive approach to help you to understand how dynamic risk assessment can be integrated into predictive risk assessments and strategic risk assessments to enhance your organisation’s effectiveness. 

Edmund Jacobs, Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner and Co-Author said, "I was delighted when Bill Fox agreed to contribute to two chapters of my co-authored new book as Maybo has been one of the leading advocates of Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) and its application (outside of the Fire and Rescue Service). Maybo's model for assessing conflict situations - where human behaviour can be at its most unpredictable - is well established in the UK and abroad and can be applied across different work sectors. In the book Bill provides valuable insights in how individuals and organisations can effectively apply and learn through DRA."

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