April 22, 2013

Maybo Conflict Management Training for Zagreb Airport Staff

Maybo had the opportunity to meet an interesting and exciting challenge recently when commissioned to deliver trainer training to five trainers working for Zagreb Airport, Croatia.

The course was delivered to the five delegates in English, although end users would be receiving training in their native language and care was taken to ensure the workbook content and training resources would work in this situation.  On completion of their course the trainers are now scheduled to deliver conflict management training to all front line airport staff over a three week period.

The issues faced by operational staff that could trigger conflict were as expected and included managing angry passengers and sometimes coping with aggressive individuals, managing large groups of emotional passengers, delivering bad news about flight services such as cancellations, overweight baggage or too many bags, flight delays, wrong queues and very occasional physical assault

To ensure the trainers were both competent and confident to deliver the Maybo programme they were given the opportunity to run through the full content four times and were assessed delivering both in English and in Croatian. It was interesting that by giving trainers the opportunity to deliver in their primary language they were able to focus more on content and delegate engagement, instead of concentrating on translating.

The elements of the Maybo programme considered to be of most value for frontline staff were attitude and behaviour, the Step Back element of our SAFER Approach model, negative to positive exchanges, open palms and our primary control risk reduction model. 

Initially the trainers will deliver in pairs and specialists at Maybo will be available to offer continued support and advice.  All five delegates undertook the sessions with enthusiasm and demonstrated they had obtained the required levels of knowledge and skills as conflict management practitioners.  As this is a new venture for Maybo, our delegate questionnaires will be completed and monitored to check all elements of our programme translate, can be understood and remain relevant.