May 23, 2019

BBC Panorama ‘Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal’

The BBC Panorama episode ‘Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal’ that aired on BBC One on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 featured appalling footage of staff taunting, bullying and assaulting patients with learning disabilities at a hospital in Durham, England.

Staff were seen abusing patients and deliberately escalating situations which they then controlled with violence and unnecessary and dangerous restraints. 

Following one such incident, a staff member is shown recording that the methods used were Maybo techniques as taught by in-house trainers, which the undercover journalist described as “a world away from what happened”. 

The footage confirms the adage that ‘culture eats training for breakfast’ and the challenge many organisations share is the transfer of policy and training to practice and behaviour change. This is impossible without effective supervision but can be achieved with an organisation-wide commitment to restraint reduction and a multi-strategy approach that delivers this.

Maybo is totally committed to helping organisations create safer environments for the vulnerable people they care for. In this, we are considered a subject leader and a champion of restraint reduction.

Our methods and training are focused on respect for human rights, understanding people’s needs and teaching positive alternatives to forceful methods. Maybo physical interventions are only included for some services based on risk assessment as a last resort to create safety and are delivered successfully in many highly respected organisations by their in-house trainers who we train. We are always ready to provide additional support and respond immediately if and when questionable or unacceptable use of our methods are brought to our attention.

This news sadly overshadows the terrific work of the many organisations, carers and families we have the privilege to support that is transforming the lives of vulnerable people, and which doesn’t make the news.

Appalling revelations of this type strengthens our resolve to support our clients and partners in reducing coercive and restrictive practices and creating positive safer services.

Please contact us if you have any concerns on these matters.