November 5, 2015

Assault Numbers Increasing on Public Sector Workers

A Unison Freedom of Information request to public sector organisations, health boards and councils has demonstrated that verbal and physical assaults against workers in Fife are on the increase.

Figures demonstrate that there were almost 250 more assaults in 2014 than in each of the previous two years. Of the 817 assaults in 2014 600 were physical with injuries being sustained in 263 of these incidents.  

Teaching staff, social workers and carers were most vulnerable to assaults along with NHS staff. NHS Fife figures showed that 1,653 assaults took place in the past year, compared to 1,114 and 911 the two years previous. Physical assaults accounted for 1,170 incidents, with staff being particularly at risk when working in close proximity to patients to administer care.

The Dunfermline Press spoke to Scott Donohoe, chair of Unison health and safety committee, who said: “The abuse of staff is intolerable and no-one should have to experience it as part of their work. This level of violence is simply unacceptable. There is no doubt the recording continues to improve, however the problem is clearly growing, rather than decreasing.”

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