Key features and benefits of our eLearning 

  • Maps to National Occupational Standards and best practice - consistent and high standard of learning
  • Produced by Maybo's leading team of conflict management trainers, practitioners and genuine subject specialists
  • Engaging and interactive - appeals to different learning styles
  • Optional voice-over - beneficial for learners with English as a second language and for pacing the speed of learning
  • Utilises the latest eLearning technology - easy to use, good graphics and familiar navigation
  • Versatile platforms - works on PCs, Macs and tablets, including iPads -  learning can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • SCORM compliant and can come with Maybo's outstanding LMS or can plug into your own in-house systems - select the best managing method for your organisation and systems
  • Modular 'book marked' approach - allows learning to be completed in smaller 'chunks' and completed when convenient
  • Each module is fully assessed and progress recorded - rigorous audit trail
  • Can include your organisation's branding - fits seamlessly onto your systems
  • Flexible payment options - pay per user, pay a one-off organisational fee for unlimited use or spread payments. Cost reductions can be achieved when using eLearning as part of a blended learning package. 

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