Extra Support For In House Maybo Trainers

Trainers can often feel isolated, as although they regularly interact with delegates, they don’t often get to meet up with other trainers or coaches. It’s important to Maybo that trainers delivering our programmes receive support additional to their annual recertification and know where to go for advice. 

Maintaining the right focus

Training that includes physical skills is open to increased scrutiny and it can be portrayed negatively. It is therefore vital that trainers ensure focus is maintained on prevention and de-escalation and avoid getting drawn off message.

Trainers need to feel confident to challenge inappropriate comments and behaviours from learners during training and if your trainers have concerns they must have appropriate channels to report these to their employer and/or Maybo.

What steps are we taking? 

We are making a number of improvements to programmes, resources and quality checks that will help trainers achieve even greater consistency in deliveries and provide Maybo with early indicators of transgressions, these include:

  •  End-user resources and workbooks containing further information and checklists as to what to expect from their training
  •  Enhanced presentations on legal and ethical issues surrounding use of force, risk reduction and whistleblowing
  •  Extended trainer recertification events in 2013 to introduce these new trainer resources
  •  Additions to current quality assurance steps including ‘test shopper’ and an increase in post-course interviews with learners
  •  Creation of a new Trainer Support Co-ordinator role – a dedicated contact at Maybo for trainers

Maybo meets sector requirements and best practice in ensuring trainer competency and these improvements will move us further ahead. We welcome ideas you have on the above and any other improvements we can make.

Certified Maybo trainers are invited to join our discussion forum on LinkedIn. To request access click here.