Conflict Management and Physical Intervention Trainer Training

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Maybo has been at the forefront of conflict management and physical intervention trainer training for over 15 years. During this time we have continuously refined our trainer development programmes and resources to ensure they are among the most comprehensive and highest quality available in this subject area.

Why employers choose Maybo

Many employers have gained the capability and capacity to deliver Maybo's market leading accredited training programmes in-house, using their own trainers to provide a high quality, affordable and sustainable training solution. Each staff delegate receives a comprehensive, illustrated workbook and a nationally recognised Maybo certificate, available with accreditation from leading awarding bodies.

In addition to Maybo Online, an extensive trainer resource centre, we provide access to our bespoke, online administration system for ordering of delegate workbooks and certificates.

Maybo's specialists are on hand to provide support to trainers and we run regular CPD events to update trainers on programme developments and enable them to stay up to date with best practice, refresh their knowledge and skills, receive updated resources and be recertified. 

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Trainer development programmes

There are two routes to Maybo trainer training. Open courses for experienced trainers or in house courses for inexperienced or experienced trainers. 

Conflict Management

Our Trainer Training, trainer development programme is accessible to and suitable for experienced trainers and those without formal training qualifications. 

All delegates must complete four to six hours of self study online learning followed by a five day course, during which they will experience the end-user programme and be taught to deliver each session within it. The practical course is engaging and is designed to provide as much practice time as possible. We apply a 1:6 trainer:delegate ratio to ensure each learner has all the support and coaching they need.  

It is possible for experienced, competent trainers to learn to deliver Maybo's programme in less than five days and we will advise on this on a case by case basis.

Physical Intervention

Depending on the required level of skills (assault avoidance, disengagement, holding, additional holding), sector, risk profile of frontline staff and the unique needs of service users, our physical intervention trainer development programme takes from two and a half to eight days. Our physical intervention trainer development is an extension of our core conflict management programme, with focus maintained on prevention and de-escalation. The course combines theory and practical sessions to build on trainers' existing knowledge of conflict management. 
Only competent, experienced conflict management trainers can undertake this programme. 

Competitive costs of training

Everything trainers will need to deliver their courses is included in the initial costs of training. The competitive ongoing costs of training for delegate workbooks and certificates range from £17.50 to £30 per delegate and will depend on the level of training a delegate receives and the certification option. There is also an annual  Maybo Centre license fee of £195.00 plus VAT to cover access to our online resource and ordering systems, trainer support and guidance.

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