Homeless Housing Charity Staff Gain Skills to Better Manage Conflict

We've been working with homeless charity, St Mungo’s, to introduce an effective blended learning strategy that directly addresses the issues of violence and aggression faced by staff. Taking time to speak with staff and managers at St Mungo’s to identify potential triggers to conflict created the basis for the training solution.

The Challenge

Maybo was delighted to partner St Mungo's in delivering a learning strategy to help staff reduce conflict and the risk of injury sustained through physical assaults in the workplace.

St Mungo’s opens its doors to over 1,700 homeless people each night and runs more than 100 projects providing support towards recovery and help to prevent rough sleeping.

In the course of their work, St Mungo’s staff and volunteers regularly observe and in some cases are required to deal with aggressive behaviour from clients with complex needs such as mental ill health, substance misuse, learning disabilities and physical health problems. 

St Mungo’s recognised the need to provide their staff with access to training to help them manage incidents of violence and aggression confidently and effectively, to achieve a safer and more positive outcome for both clients and staff.

The Solution

St Mungo’s was looking for a cost effective training solution that responded directly to local risks with the flexibility to adapt the content and training design to meet evolving business needs.

Maybo took time to meet with members of staff and managers at St Mungo’s to understand their requirements before suggesting a blended learning solution combining online pre-study (Conflict Management) with a one day practical based training programme.

The one day training workshop consists of assault avoidance and disengagement skills. Focusing first on avoiding conflict through calming and defusing situations, the application of the skills is practiced through a problem solving approach, taking into account local risks and complex client needs.

This method achieves significant cost savings and reduces abstraction time as staff gain underpinning knowledge around the concepts of managing violence and aggression via a bespoke eLearning programme and resource centre.

To help shape organisational policy and highlight development opportunities Maybo incorporated employer guidance and incident reporting protocols into the training.

More than a training course

Maybo believes that to be truly effective, training has to be highly relevant to the real life situations staff encounter at work. That’s why we take time to tailor each course and use scenarios that help staff address the type and level of risks they face. To achieve this with St Mungo’s our specialist visited several projects and met with staff to discuss the problems they come across. Seeing the working environment made it possible to identify potential problem areas in the residential units, such as narrow corridors or confined spaces that would need to be considered in the training solution.

To monitor progress and maintain the link to wider business requirements, Maybo introduced an online survey for staff and project managers to feedback their experiences and highlight issues or scenarios they want support to manage. This information is incorporated into the training design to ensure it continues to meet the needs of staff groups through problem solving and the application of skills using different approaches.

The Results

Since starting work with Maybo, more than 250 staff have received conflict management, assault avoidance and disengagement training.

Delivery of this extensive programme continues and will be supported by a unique coaching model. This will enable on the job skills coaching and problem solving to help staff work through complex local needs.

The coaching intervention will be backed up by a St Mungo’s team of designated project managers who will have access to online tools to assist structured practice in the workplace. 

Initial feedback demonstrates that:

‘Working with Maybo has helped us to achieve our goal of providing our staff with high quality training that works. This can be attributed to the initial design that takes into consideration local needs, the delivery of the training to individual teams with the choice of location and Maybo trainers who take the time to individualise the delivery of the training to each project.

“It has been a pleasure working with Maybo to coordinate St Mungo’s conflict management learning programme. This solution is ideal for staff and the pre and post support from Maybo is excellent”  Toju Cline-Cole, Learning and Development Advisor, St Mungo’s

In 100% of training feedback, staff scored the Maybo trainers’ approach, knowledge and professionalism as good or excellent.

The eLearning component, accessed by both office and project based staff has had an outstanding 80% uptake. This has enabled St Mungo’s to respond to staff development in a timely and effective manner. 

Keywords that staff used to describe Maybo training are:

“insightful”, “engaging”, “fantastic”, “informative”, “intensive”, “challenging”, "thought provoking", "interesting"


To learn more about St Mungo's and the amazing work they do visit http://www.mungos.org/

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Posted by Maybo on May 9, 2013



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