Senior Management Sign Up Helps Staff Switch On To Conflict Management

SHP Online has published an interesting article by Dr Robert Cooling that exposes the vital role top management plays in shaping thinking and driving behavioural change in relation to occupational health and safety. At Maybo, we know from our own experience that when senior managers and supervisors are committed to training, the results tend to reflect this. Staff are encouraged to attend training, they are more engaged with the process and their post training performance is monitored so that transfer of skills learned in training to the workplace is enhanced.

Dr Robert Cooling says that the safety and health practitioner's role invariably focuses on the development, implementation, and maintenance of the occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems and processes.   The execution of these management processes plays a critical role in preventing workplace accidents and ill health. However, although the safety and health practitioner may contribute significantly to OHS management-related decisions, they are not always given the opportunity to influence governance processes, which sit above OHS management provisions.

Governance is the system by which organisations are directed and controlled by their board of directors. It is through the lens of governance that the broadest strategic decisions are taken and management is held to account. Governance processes are distinct from management, which are often regarded as the day-to-day decisions taken to run a business. 


In recent times, the term ‘corporate governance' has become common parlance,  founded on the belief that risks should be systematically identified, assessed, controlled and reviewed.  Indeed, with the growing recognition that corporate governance arrangements need to encompass all business risks, OHS is now increasingly being seen by organisations as a corporate governance issue.

Read more about the HSE guidance on how OSH fits within corporate governance and the benefits of an integrated approach. 




Posted by Maybo on November 25, 2013


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