Lone worker safety devices

Lone worker devices play a vital role in the overall violence risk strategy for an organisation whose workers regularly work alone either in large rambling work sites, such as hospitals, or out in the community. However, it is important to maintain the focus on reducing and preventing incidents, as well as how to best react to them once they have happened.

The use of such devices in isolation, can give individuals a false feeling of confidence, leading employees to overlook the simple but essential steps they should be taking to keep safe when working alone – alerting colleagues to their movements, checking into the office at agreed times, carefully assessing risks before entering a situation, looking for trigger signals, leaving exit routes open and so on.

Any device that can help to manage and reduce the impact of workplace violence and assist in collecting data for later prosecution is welcomed, but preventative measures must also be considered as part of an overall risk reduction strategy.

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Posted by Maybo on March 5, 2012



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