ENTMA08 - What is it all About?

More information and backround on the European Network of Training in the Management of Aggression

ENTMA08 evolved from an informal European collaboration between trainers in the management of aggression which existed since 1998 and adopted the name ENTMA in 2004. The collaboration involved professionals from a broad range of health, care, education and related sectors who were engaged in, or associated with training in the prevention and safer management of aggression. The purpose of the collaboration was to provide a forum in which perspectives on the nature, function and methods of training could be exchanged. This exchange facilitated exploration of the core values underpinning efforts to reduce violence, and established a shared understanding of what was good practice in the design, delivery and evaluation of training.

The collaboration has centred around a series of networking conferences during which trainers and others associated with the management of aggression, have the opportunity to update and share good practice. In addition, invited experts have presented keynote and plenary presentations on related research, discussed developments and facilitated debate on challenges related to aggression management and training. These conferences have provided the opportunity for those involved in commissioning, regulating, delivering and evaluating training to benefit from international perspectives and apply this learning as appropriate.

The international perspectives shared at conferences have generated debate, provided powerful insights, and contributed to the development of a shared European vision of best practice. Conference evaluations have consistently indicated that delegates experienced these meetings as beneficial and supportive.

ENTMA08 have undertaken and published research validating a charter for best practice in training in the prevention and safer management of violence. It continues to advocate for best practice.

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Posted by Maybo on August 21, 2014



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