Managing conflict - Is confidence the key?

Confidence plays a big part in how people handle conflict and how quickly they act to step in and try and resolve a situation, rather than allowing it to continue and possibly escalate.

Delegates who have attended Maybo conflict management courses regularly feedback that they feel more confident to handle and resolve potentially explosive situations. This added confidence enables them to remain calm and adopt the strategies they have learned to effectively  de-escalate a situation. Without conflict management training they can feel unsure about how they should react, which can lead to apprehension, uncertainly and the tendency to act defensively or over aggressively, possibly inflaming a heated situation.

Equipping people with knowledge and skills to recognise trigger points of conflict and suggesting tried and tested methods for managing these situations does have the additional benefit of bringing confidence. This in itself can be one of the biggest plus factors for enabling people to reduce and resolve conflict in their workplace.

Posted by Maybo on March 2, 2012


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