Conflict courses for the general public  

A recent article in The Guardian refers to a report by The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) proposing the police offer "have-a-go hero" training for the public on how to confront antisocial behaviour and deal with aggression and conflict.

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Many people want to get involved, rather than stand by when they see incidents of violence or aggression, but fear the consequences of taking action.

In our view there is a lot of merit in public action such as this. Although we would not consider training in physical skills, such as restraint, to be safe, realistic or necessary, calming and defusing skills can be succesfully deployed to de-escalate conflict situations.

Maybo is actively involved in the City Safe model  which focuses on communities working together to deter crime and anti-social behaviour and providing ‘Safe Havens’ for young people in danger. The scheme has recently been extended throughout the London area and encourages a responsible united approach to intimidating and aggressive behaviour.

Posted by Maybo on August 13, 2012


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