Conference update from Maybo's lead care specialist

Maybo's training specialist, mental health nurse Steve Hunt, has been out and about learning from the experts at two high profile care events. He attended the Positive Behaviour Intervention Conference in Cambridgeshire, hosted by care giant Consensus and the 2012 BILD International Research and Practice Conference.

At the Positive Behaviour Conference, Steve's chosen workshop gave practical advice on defining and developing Person Centred Planning to ensure a more tailored and positive experience for the service user. Steve will be using the learning he gained from this event to further improve and increase the relevancy of Maybo’s conflict resolution programmes for managing challenging behaviour in care settings.

Enthusing about the Conference Steve said, “An excellent day with both challenging and thought provoking talks from Dr Margaret Anderson on Autism as a Multi-system Condition and from Tony Osgood of the Tizard Centre, one of the leading UK academic groups working in learning disability and community care. “

At BILD, Steve represented Maybo alongside many organisations from the UK, Ireland and further afield. Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) was a prominent theme with Dan Crimmins from Georgia State University opening the Conference with a session on PBS in the States highlighting the importance of 'champions' for others to be influenced by and learn from.

Steve attended one workshop run by Development Manager for Behaviour Support at BILD, Sharon Paley, which included a debate on ways of reducing restrictive practices both in the UK and overseas. A second workshop hosted by Phil Smyth and Padraig Walsh from Rehab Care, Ireland focused on application of the principle of the 'least restrictive alternative', comparing Irish and UK legislation defining interventions and service user capacity. 

The Conference signed off with a truly international feel as Bill Rogers from his own Educational Consultancy of Australia, kept the audience captivated with his lively presenting style on the subject of discipline with dignity, covering children with emotional and behavioural difficulties in mainstream schooling. Steve said "he made sense of the challenges faced by staff and how our own self awareness can have an impact on how an individual will respond to us in difficult situations."

"Both events provided excellent opportunities for learning from, and networking with, experts. Some thought provoking debate and educational workshops have given me a great pool of knowledge to draw upon to further develop Maybo's offering to the care sector" said Steve.

Posted by Maybo on May 19, 2012


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