Avoid Conflict With Confidence


We probably all know someone who says something which such conviction that we believe it’s true, in some cases causing us to doubt our own beliefs. A sure and confident approach speaks volumes and gives a real advantage in almost any situation. It may be seen as taking charge, taking control or leading others who are less sure of themselves.

Conflict management training provides people with a level of confidence by increasing their knowledge and skills so they feel assured they are able to handle a situation. In our training courses we focus strongly on avoiding conflict as this is the best outcome in a difficult situation and presents the least risk. But often, simply the fact that individuals have received training gives them a level of confidence to approach the situation differently.  A sure, swift confident approach can be all that is required to make an aggressor back down. Coupled with increased awareness, allowing for better preparation and forward thinking, staff who have received some level of training are more able to avoid putting themselves in a position where they may become a victim of verbal abuse or physical assault.

Opportunities to practice and ‘walk through’ situations during training further improve self-assurance enabling potentially difficult and fraught situations to be approached with conviction, avoiding escalation into conflict.  





Posted by Maybo on September 12, 2013



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