A Ray of Sunshine: Team Training for Richmond Cafe Project 

Care Provision Project Officer, Linda Ellender was 'overjoyed' with Maybo's conflict management training, delivered to the Cafe Sunshine team.

The Cafe, part of the London Borough of Richmond is run by staff with learning disabilities and support colleagues. Maybo trainer, David Devine adapted his delivery style and the programme content to ensure both were relevant to the needs and abilities oif each person in the group.

The team was experiencing some difficult behaviours from a minority of customers and local young people and wanted to build their confidence to deal with such situations.

"The session was very much led by the needs of the group", said David, " I ran it in an informal way, establishing the different learner needs in the group and relevant safety aspects as the session progressed. I covered aspects such as personal safety, travel safety, awareness, how to approach people and being careful about giving away too much information about yourself as well as our SAFER model for calming, defusing and avoiding conflict." 

David continued, "This was the most rewarding training session I have delivered in the past seven years. It was massively appreciated by the team, some of whom have been in touch to say how much more confident they feel."

Maybo director, Derek Bunning said, " Maybo and our trainers welcome opportunities to run workshops like this that develop the skills, confidence and life skills of service users in their community based activities."

Posted by Maybo on December 1, 2014



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