Testimonials from clients and staff who have received Maybo Training


Community and Residential Care

We at Autism Jersey have developed an excellent working relationship with Maybo. The training they provide is second to none and is delivered by professionals who are also “people”. This may sound silly, but the trainers are “people” who understand the reality of life on the shop floor and the complexities  involved in supporting people, in our case, on the Autism Spectrum. Training is paced to meet the learning needs and styles of each and every course participant and there is a healthy balance between theory and practice. I would recommend Maybo to any organisation supporting people who have an Autistic Spectrum Condition.

Chief Operations Officer, Autism Jersey

"We've entrusted our conflict management, physical intervention and post incident training needs to Maybo for over 10 years and have never looked back. Bill Fox and his team offer a personal service crafted to meet the needs of our organisation, not just a standard package. We will continue to use Maybo feeling secure in the knowledge that staff are well trained and can cope with challenging situations in the workplace."  

Dignity Group


“Maybo have supported Turning Point in creating a flexible, service user focused conflict management programme that enables us to support the people we work with in a safe environment. We use all levels of Maybo training, including some bespoke courses that have been created by Maybo visiting our services to understand their unique ways of working in a person-centred way to enable positive outcomes for all.  Maybo were fantastic, taking the time to talk to staff and managers to create a programme that works for that service. They have continued to be supportive, collaborative and have added value in keeping our services safe and a positive place to be for staff and the people we support." 

Turning Point

"We receive a truly outstanding and professional level of service from Maybo. Using their training approach has made a difference to the care of our patients."

The Huntercombe Group

"Maybo is a fantastic company to work with.  Their training courses are excellent and very professional and we always receive positive feedback from our staff who have attended Maybo training."

 Papworth Hospital

"We are in the early stages of putting all our staff through Maybo training but already we have noticed that the conflict management training has increased staff confidence. The Maybo training is designed to support our colleagues in spotting signs and trigger points where behaviour may become challenging and this empowers them to address the situation before it escalates into an incident. We use the online conflict management programme as an introduction as this reduces time spent away from the workplace and allows time to be spent developing and practising the techniques.”

Cornwall Care 

"The confidence really comes through, and they are able to have more in depth talks with homeless people. Staff are so enthused by the course that they are anxious to have refreshers to keep up their skills. We are hoping that, like first aid courses, it will be mandatory to have this course every year."

Hamish Allan Centre, Care for the Homeless, Glasgow

"The MLP programme has revolutionised our conflict management and physical intervention training."


"Having received PBM, C&R, Studio 3 and 55TS training within other organisations I feel that Maybo has provided excellent skills in the event that violence should occur. This is in terms of theoretical and practical guidance. The trainer was very approachable offering professional quality training which I much enjoyed."

Nurse, Pastoral Cymru

Emergency and Acute Medical 

"Maybo's licensed programme gives us the control and flexibility we need to train our staff effectively."

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust

"Maybo hase worked closely with BSUH to develop and enhance the violence reduction training we deliver to frontline staff.  The passion, knowledge, commitment and support to the Trust and more generally in developing effective evidence based violence reduction programmes for healthcare settings, mark them out as an organisation the Trust are pleased to continue to work with."

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals 

"Staff in high risk roles were given the confidence to deal safely with violent incidents."

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

"The MLP programme has enabled us to deliver Maybo’s excellent training to staff with our own trainers who have the knowledge and experience of the issues faced by the organisation."

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


"Very professional instructors with good background knowledge of the Ambulance Service. Always willing to suggest solutions to possible problems"

South Central Ambulance Service

"The NAHS has worked closely with Maybo for a number of years and, in particular, in developing guidance in physical intervention for security officers working in healthcare settings.  In addition, the NAHS fully supports Maybo's leading contribution in developing effective, evidence based violence reduction programmes for healthcare settings to help address the large number of assaults on healthcare staff caused by or related to a persons clinical condition."


“I have benefited from support from Maybo over several years whilst providing LSMS services to Primary Care Trusts in the South West. I have always found them to be thoroughly professional and when they have provided training, staff have always commended their delivery. They can be relied on to add value.”

Des Green Security


Local Authority and Housing

"Wealden District Council has worked with Maybo for many years now and the results have always been very successful. Starting with programmes on Lone Worker Safety, the work we do has extended into Telephone Violence, Face-to-Face Violence in the Office and Panic Alarm Response. I would have no hesitation in attesting to the quality of the work Maybo does for this Authority and can confirm that we look forward to our relationship with them continuing into the future." 

Wealden District Council

‘Working with Maybo has helped us to achieve our goal of providing our staff with high quality training that works. This can be attributed to the initial design that takes into consideration local needs, the delivery of the training to individual teams with the choice of location and Maybo trainers who take the time to individualise the delivery of the training to each project. “It has been a pleasure working with Maybo to coordinate St Mungo’s conflict management learning programme. This solution is ideal for staff and the pre and post support from Maybo is excellent”  

St Mungo’s


"Having provided training for us for many years, we have found Maybo to be very professional. Maybo training gives you peace of mind that your staff will be safer."

City of Westminster 

"Maybo has designed a course that is ideal for our organisation. Not only does it meets the national qualification standards we were after, it does so via examples and scenarios that match the situations our staff face on a day-to-day basis. Taken alongside the high quality instructors that Maybo have provided, it is not surprising that several of our staff have stated it is the best course they have ever attended."

Durham County Council


"Since using Maybo training we have seen a dramatic reduction in reported incidents of aggression towards our parking staff. The training has also helped our call taker staff and they are more confident when dealing with callers and work better together."

London Borough of Merton

"The feedback from eLearning was excellent....staff stated that it was nice to be refreshed on things that they do every day but often take for granted"

London Borough of Ealing 


"The MLP programme has enabled us to deliver top quality, cost-effective training in house to our staff."

Blackpool Borough Council

"First conflict management course I have attended where I feel a full holistic approach has been used and not simply a focus on basics."

Exeter City Council, Delegate 

"Enjoyed the Maybo training and was amazed by the different techniques which I have not seen before, The trainer was helpful and excellent."

London Borough of Lewisham, Delegate 


"The training provided was excellent and it takes a lot for me to say that. Very good and well worth all staff attending"

London Borough of Havering 


"Since using Maybo training we have seen a dramatic reduction in reported incidents of aggression towards our parking staff"

London Borough of Merton


"The training met all our needs and the feedback from staff was universally excellent"

Lewes District Council


"Maybo training gives you peace of mind that your staff will be safer"

Westminster City Coucil


Retail and Hospitality 

"The Maybo training was very well received and as a result we have now put in place lone worker systems. The trainer was excellent and the training has changed the thinking!"


"The course was really well-received. The risk managers left with new ideas for providing safer environments and improved incident support techniques."

Spirit Group

"The course alerted managers to how sensitive management of people after a violent incident can reduce trauma symptoms and aid recovery."


"The online training has worked well.We’ve been able to reduce abstraction time for staff for direct training from two days to one." 


"Excellent training session. Kept us all interested for the whole day. Would highly recommend."

McDonalds, Delegate 

"It helped me alot to understand how to deal with stressful situations at work and how not to put yourself and colleagues at risk."

Starbucks, Delegate



As soon as I had done the training I was much more clear and confident about what I could and couldn't do and the approriate time to do it. I was more relaxed using the techniques and found I could control angry children without harming them or myself. More recently one of the boys said that when I hold I don't do it so tightly and this helped him to calm more quickly."

Carlton Hill School 


"We have used Maybo as a provider for many years and would recommend to anyone. Maybo have very professional and knowledgeable trainers and they deliver the course which has been built around the needs of the school. There is a strong emphasis on deescalating techniques and avoiding physical contact. If the training was not good we wouldn’t keep having you back."

 Potterspury Lodge School

"Maybo’s ‘Open Palms’ non verbal communication signal has made a real difference to the way our staff are managing difficult situations. Before the training the trend was to escort pupils demonstrating challenging behaviour to a less public place to deal with the issue. This often caused the negative behaviour to increase. Using Open Palms gives a calming message that pupils will not be held or lead away and the incident is now more often calmed and dealt with without aggression. Maybo’s training has changed the way we look at managing challenging behaviour and has led to some very positive results.”

Downs Park School


"It has been a pleasure working with Maybo. The quality of service, and the quality of the training they provided was excellent. I’m assured that all the people who received the training will be safer in their work as a result and feel a lot more confident in their dealings with others."

Burton and South Derbyshire College


"Excellent, effective methods to prevent situations escalating"

Ashurst Wood Primary School, Delegate


"Excellent trainer, very approachable and made me feel very comfortable about doing this training"

Cardinal Newman School, Delegate 

"Brilliant, most are boring - not this training session. Thoroughly enjoyed it"

Crest Boys Academy, Delegate


Security, Events and Facilities Management

"The training, certification and resources provided by Maybo are of the highest quality and will help ensure ISS, its employees and customers receive the best guidance and protection available."


"I thoroughly enjoyed it. I believe every officer should experience the first day as there is plenty of helpful tips on prompting and guiding, open hand techniques, identifying risk, how to change an aggressive situation to a non-aggressive one through the use of open palms. Learning about the law relating to the use of force and the medical implications was very helpful. I now have a better understanding that as security officers, we have a duty of care, including times when using holding techniques. Leadership, team work and respect for others were the highlights of the second day. The instructor was full of encouragement and any problems or questions we had, were quickly addressed."


"We have been using Maybo for conflict management training for over two years and during that time they have consistently demonstrated that their training and resources are of the highest quality, ensuring that University customer facing staff receive the best guidance and protection available."

University of Edinburgh

"I feel the level of service and attentiveness to client needs is unparalled"


"Maybo provides training for our Security Officers. The de-escalation skills are excellent and have made a real difference to the way our Officers work resulting in far fewer incidents."

Frimley Park Hospital NHS Trust

"Maybo has been providing conflict management training to all our customer-facing staff for a number of years.  The organisation is professional in its dealings with us and the quality of training is very high. The fact that delegates are able to recall the techniques taught long after having attended the training, illustrates its effectiveness."

Earls Court and Olympia Venues 

"Conflict emerges for many reasons - health problems, frustration and changes to the quality of lifestyle - to name just three. It is increasingly becoming an issue that many public and private organisations need to address. The development of systems, by MAYBO since 1996, concentrating on low risk physical intervention skills offers an interesting and effective method to reduce the risk of assault and harm, particularly where resources might be limited. The skill sets shared by MAYBO not only enhance safer working environments, they also contribute to the protection of organisational and individual reputations."

Security Manager NAHS 


"The instructor was highly informative and approachable at all times.Clear and concise and conducted the lesson at a safe standard at all times."

G4S Security, Delegate


"The roles our operational staff undertake are unique to London Transport so I was keen to develop a partnership approach to improve the safety and well being of our staff whilst delivering a sustainable, blended approach to the delivery of personal safety training and development for 400 plus front line staff.

A colleague who had worked at Network Rail put me in touch with the team at Maybo and the rest they say is history. I am pleased to say that the partnership approach continues to work well as the team at Maybo are: responsive to our needs; invest in the development of their team; update their programme content with the latest thinking and provide real value for money. Coupled with the fact that they are all very personable and helpful I would recommend them as a respected supplier of consultancy and training services."  

Transport for London 

"We have used Maybo's expertise to deliver Conflict Management training to our frontline people, to help make them safer. The course is interactive, practical and a real eye-opener. Thank you."

East Midlands Trains

"The Maybo courses give customer facing staff workable tools to deal with difficult situations. And their Physical Intervention techniques are designed so that anyone irrespective of size, shape or gender can effectively use them. I have to give a special mention to the back office staff and trainers who have been exceptional with their ongoing support, sometimes at short notice."

First Group 


"Maybo are seen as friends rather than a business partner due to the very personal contact that they maintain with us."

Brighton & Hove Buses and Coach Company


"A very effective and interesting course. It made me more aware of emotional behaviour and how it can escalate and how to deal with it."

South Eastern Trains, Delegate 

"I feel that I have been given more tools to do my job safely"

Brighton & Hove Buses and Coach Company, Delegate

"A very lively teacher making the course very interesting and highly enjoyable"

Eurostar, Delegate 


Universities and Colleges

"Learned skills to handle aggressive people and escort out of venue safely"

Royal Holloway University of London, Delegate


"The course was very thorough and included plenting of time to practice the skills"

University Delegate

"Maybo conflict management training is now a key component of staff induction and development. It has proven to be a significant and complementary addition to our customer care ethos"  

University of Edinburgh


Other Sectors

"Maybo have been providing training to our Heart Health Roadshow team for the last 3 years. Their session is always one of the most valuable to the team and the one they take the most away from. The training has helped them divert some potentially difficult situations on board the bus and they will be able to take the learning forward for use in any role they do which is public facing. Maybo’s training has been first class and we would recommend that any organisation that has a public facing team who may experience challenging situations get them to run some sessions."

British Heart Foundation


"Maybo has been able to understand our organisation quickly and put appropriate training in place to meet our needs. We have a pilot course running and Maybo has provided excellent support for this."  

St Mungo's

"We selected Maybo to undertake our Conflict Management and Personal Safety training as they were recommended to us as the leaders in the field. The training has been excellent and they have worked with Praxis42 to develop our particular requirements delivering health and safety consultancy in the Hospitality and Retail sectors. The team feedback has been very positive and everyone feels that the training compliments our management approach to personal safety and dealing with potential conflict situations."


"Excellent workshop leader - friendly, informed, professional and delivered information in an interesting and dynamic way."

The Impressions Gallery, Delegate