As well as using our experience and expertise in managing conflict and physical interventions to help shape sector guidance and standards, we contribute to initiatives where our skill set can offer additonal training and resources to help individuals or organisations. We also like to support our staff in following a personal drive for improvement. Below are some of the projects we have helped. 

Maybo Contribution to CitySafe Safe Havens Scheme

Violence and aggression can impact on the safety and well being of individuals as part of daily life, as well as being a risk for those in some public facing roles. That’s why Maybo invested time, expertise and resources in the CitySafe Safe Havens scheme.

The project brings many facets of communities together to tackle violence and aggression, encouraging local businesses, retailers and places of worship to offer a safe haven to young people who feel vulnerable or are being threatened by others.

Launched in 2008, the scheme created more than 200 City Safe Zones and Havens across London. In 2010 Mayor Boris Johnson made City Hall a Safe Haven and London Citizens have developed over 20 CitySafe Zones in addition to having trained over 2000 CitySafe Champions.

Maybo contributed to the scheme by writing the CitySafe Guide for Safe Havens to help scheme members to identify and reduce risks associated with violence or aggressive behaviour. We also developed a training programme that's delivered by CitySafe Champions to new members to give them greater awareness and confidence to deal with conflict situations that could result from participation in the scheme and the importance of recording and reporting incidents. 

For more information on CitySafe please click here


Maybo 'Lights Up' Kenyan Clinic

A joint £1,500 donation from Maybo and its former Chief Executive, Richard Smith funded an industrial-grade solar power system, providing 24 hour power and lighting to the remote Doctors Worldwide Tembo Medical Centre community clinic.

The location of the clinic made an electricity supply from the national grid impossible, limiting the range of services the clinic could offer. Doctors treating patients after 7pm each day were restricted to doing what they could by torchlight. The provision of power also reduces the personal safety risks for the overnight medical team member and night watchman, responsible for the valuable medical supplies kept on site.

The clinic, which opened in September 2014, received over 400 separate patients in the first month. It is part of a project to provide desperately needed, affordable and reliable healthcare to poor, rural populations and was founded by UK based charity, Doctors Worldwide. 

For more information on the clinic and the work of Doctors Worldwide please click here


Supporting Winter Night Shelter Staff in Glasgow

Over the past two years Maybo has given it's support to staff and volunteers at Glasgow's Winter Night Shelter with free conflict management and disengagement training.

In partnership with Michael Greville and Alex Hossack of Salvas Training, Maybo has offered annual training sessions as the shelter prepares to open its doors for up to 400 homeless people for the winter months.

The programme focuses on basic conflict resolution, including knowledge of the law, plus de-escalation and avoidance techniques.

You can read more about this story and the Glasgow City Mission here.