Creating Safer Environments for Service Users and Staff

“We receive a truly outstanding and professional level of service from Maybo. Using their training approach has made a difference to the care of our patients”

Maybo helps care professionals to meet duty of care and regulatory requirements in a way that promotes positive values and positive change in behaviours. Our models and learning methods integrate primary and secondary strategies for preventing and defusing conflict and positive behaviour support through simple and engaging methods that work for staff at different learning stages.

Managing challenging behaviour, reducing restraint, reducing the risks 

Training plays an important role in giving staff background knowledge, understanding, skills and practical strategies to effectively manage challenging behaviour and workplace violence risks. By building staff confidence and competence to handle challenging situations more safely and calmly,  the quality of care can be improved and risks to staff and service users minimised.

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Physical interventions and reducing restraint 

For more challenging settings we have developed unique, low arousal physical intervention skills that are consistent with positive care values. The skills have been shown to be highly effective in reducing the risk of injury for service users and staff. We teach safer methods and emphasise the importance of reducing restrictive practices by offering alternative responses and effective de-escalation techniques to eliminate restraint whenever practicable. 

Our specialist care team, led by a registered mental health nurse, is on hand to help you to develop violence reduction strategies that will deliver consistent core messages, with the flexibility to adapt to specific situations and environments. 

Maybo’s physical intervention programmes are BILD Accredited

Flexible learning 

Our range of learning solutions allows you to respond to the needs of your staff and service users within organisational constraints, such as budget, staffing levels and operational policies and procedures. Our eLearning, trainer training, coaching and problem solving models, supported with high quality resources, will enable your staff to more safely manage behaviours that challenge and reduce or eliminate restraint wherever possible.  

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